Want to hear the pan pipes play, enjoy the melodic voices and experience the true Melanesian culture that exists within the Solomon Islands. From village tours to cultural festivals there are many experiences to have a true cultural engagement. Solomon Islanders make the most of every opportunity to enjoy and celebrate life through dance, panpipes, song and artistic craft.

Solomon Islands offers small resorts with traditional leaf huts and bungalows designed to take advantage of the magnificent surrounding of the rainforest and the aqua ocean views. It is a country that allows intimate opportunities to enjoy an eco-tourism experience with local community run resorts spread throughout the islands that still use traditional skills in everyday life.

The population is majority Melanesian descent there is a large contingent of Polynesians, Micronesians, Chinese and European. Solomon Islanders are friendly although can be a little shy at first. To develop a deeper connection with Solomon Islanders you need to understand the traditional beliefs of Kustom (custom) that have been passed down by generations establishing core beliefs of social, political and economic life and a true respect for community and family ties. Cultural activities include art, music, dance and storytelling to maintain the cultural importance of Solomon history.

Solomon Islanders are amongst the most talented carvers and weavers in the world. They produce hand carved bowls ornate with shells and details reflecting their surrounding in particular the sea. Finely woven baskets and mats are proudly displayed at the markets in most capital cities in the provinces. Shell jewellery is unique to the Solomon Islands and is still used as a form of dowry for weddings.

Come and involve yourself in this unique Melanesian culture, contact us today to develop an unforgettable holiday experience.

Day Tour
This guided tour visits war monuments and relics important to the Japanese and American Al