Eco Tourism

Trek the undiscovered – Explore the untouched

Want the barefoot adventure, travel to the grass roots and delve into Melanesian culture? Solomon Islands have a variety of experiences on offer.

Craving a cultural eco experience?

With numerous options for village stays and community run resorts, Solomon Islands allows for an up-close and personal experience into the traditional lives of Solomon Islanders and culture. You can immerse yourself into their culture at one of the Festivals throughout the year including shell making, Woggasia warrior canoe festival or the banana festival. Live simply and sustainably in a homestay in the village and become ‘wontok’ (family) of the Solomon Island village.

What is there to uncover?

From the moment you fly into Solomon Islands you see the green lush forested mountains and uninhabited islands, you will feel the sense of discovery. Offering diverse natural resources with rainforests, waterfalls, mountains, volcanos to the rivers and ocean filled with majestic marine life waiting to be discovered. There are opportunities to visit conservation areas, turtle research centres and the world’s largest saltwater lagoon. Escape the crowds and experience the beauty Solomon Islands has to offer with small group guides and tailored experience with a low impact on the environment. Stay is an eco-hut made from sago palm leaves and local timbers. Snorkel or dive in the waters to experience the magic of the world beneath the sea. Walk through the rainforest along a local path to waterfalls and swim in paradise without any other visitors. WWII history comes alive with relics and history unfolding as your guide explains during your tour. Options for simplistic or active itineraries can be tailored to suit your desires. Small groups and intimate experiences are here for the taking.

Contact us today and let us create a holiday to remoteness.

Day Tour
Pack your beach hats, snorkelling gear and sunscreen to enjoy a relaxation at the beach. S
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Kopikorapa Eco Holiday Destination is situated on Pogepogere Island in northwest Marovo La
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The moment you set foot on Nughu Beach Resort and survey the surrounding green forest, san
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ES Beach Lodge offers magnificent water views overlooking Choiseul Bay harbour from the di
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Serenity.... A moving experience encompassing a romantic leaf bungalow built over the wate
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Nusatuva Eco Lodge is a Darwin Initiative Project led by WWF-Solomon Islands Program aimed